Friday, December 5, 2008

Ruby is here!!!!

So, My parents and my little brother came to visit us and got in at 11:30PM on the 26th and then I went into labor at midnight.  It was like Ruby was waiting for my mom to get here so she could come out.  It was nice how perfect her timing was.  I was so happy that my mom was able to be apart of Ruby's birth.  What a wonderful way for Erik and I to celebrate our Thanksgiving together in the hospital with our sweet little girl.  Ruby was born at 6:13PM  weighing 7 lbs.  11 ounces.  The delivery went great.  I was so scared that something was going to go wrong.  Luckily it went well and I seriously had no pain at all because I got an epidural.  It was such an amazing and wonderful experience.  Erik and I couldn't be any happier.  I think that Ruby looks just like her daddy.  She's beautiful and perfect in every way.  We just love her so much!  She brings so much happiness into our lives.  We LOVE you Ruby.  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Maternity Photos by the amazing Natalie Norton!!!

We're having our little girl so soon!!!  She's due on the 25th this month.  We can't wait to meet you Ruby!  

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exactly one year ago we went on our dream honeymoon

Malaysia- We stayed in a long house with a tribe in the jungle.  The kids loved Erik.

This was an eleven mile hike through the jungle.  I thought this bridge was so neat,  it's called a monkey bridge.  

This was where I got scuba certified on a tiny island called Subuan in Malaysia.  The people here were Philippino sea gypsies and they lived in huts or on stilts in the water. I loved how the sky faded into the ocean. 

Vietnam-  It was BEAUTIFUL there!!!

Vietnam-  INSANE amounts of motorcycles!!!!!

Amazing and beautiful Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Bangkok, Thailand- We loved how the zoos had no rules.  You could pretty much touch and feed all the animals and many of them weren't even in cages.  I loved this baby elephant!!!!

Holy Monks!!!  We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to see this.  We were so lucky to be apart of this because supposedly it only happens once a year.  Everyone in the city of Chiang Mai would respectfully fill the Monks bowls with food as they quietly passed by.  

Cambodia- Erik shooting "the Rambo gun"  It was really funny because they kept calling it the Rambo gun, but I shoot a few bullets myself and then I got scared and told Erik to shot the rest of mine.  Erik also threw a hand grenade which really freaked me out.  I can't believe the things you're allowed to do in other countries.  Wow!!!

 Cambodia in the middle of nowhere- This cute little boy kept bringing me things from his boat.  First he went to his boat brought me a snake and put it around my neck and then he went to fetch me a rabbit to hold.  I was scared the snake was going to try to eat the little bunny.  I fell in love with the extremely happy little boy that was just floating in the water in a bowl and missing an arm.  I loved how happy and kind everyone was with what little they had.