Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ruby The Ballerina

I get to cuddle with this cute little bug during Ruby's class.


Ever since Ruby started her new dance class she has informed me that she doesn't want to be a ballerina but that she IS a ballerina.  

She just started taking a tap/ballet/jazz class for 3-5 year olds.  These pictures where taken on her second day of class.  She loved the first day of class except for the end when she slipped on her pink scarf during free dance while doing a 360 ballet twirl and landed smack dab on her head and knocked herself out!  It was SOOOO scary.  I was calling her name for 10 seconds until she responded.  It felt like forever!!!!!  She woke up crying and embarrassed.  To my relief she was fine.  Ruby wasn't too excited about going back to class after the incident but after a quick pep talk from her dear old dad she perked right up.  So cute how in tune those two are with each other.  Ruby is a sponge. She absorbed her daddy's quick, but deep lesson about not giving up.  I heard her talk to my mom hours after her pep talk from Erik.  I heard her say on the phone to my mom, "Hi Nanny.  I went to ballet and had lots of fun.  Then I slipped and fell on my head.  And I was really sad.  Then I talked to my daddy.  And he said when he's dancing and falls on his head he just gets back up and starts dancing again.  So that's what I'm going to do.  So bye.  Love you. "   

Ruby, you are too wise.  We love you, our little twirling ballerina. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Las Cruces, New Mexico Trip


 Sunday in Grandma's sweater.  So cute and cuddly!

We were so happy that we got to go to New Mexico to visit Erik's parents.  It had been too long!!!  We love them so much and always have a wonderful happy fun filled time together.  Ruby has said several times, very seriously, "I don't ever want to leave Grandma and Grandpa's again."  She ADORES them!
  We had a great time at White Sands national park (which was BEAUTIFUL), the Pecan orchard (where we bought delicious chocolate and a pecan pie that I actually loved), the farmers market (great kettle corn) and the book store (where we bought some amazing books at great prices).  We ate lots of delicious food of course and had tons of quality time together.  If only they lived closer!      

Warm Winter day at the Beach


I'm extremely slow at posting pictures but when I do I always go overboard with a massive amount of pictures.  These were taken on an AMAZINGLY warm winter day in February.  We went to Moonlight beach with my parents.  The girls were so excited to be at the beach, since it had been a while, being winter and all.  Sunday had no fear, she kept heading straight for the waves.  

Thursday, March 15, 2012

San Francisco Trip




A little while ago Erik and I got to go on a quick trip to San Francisco without our girls.  It was so much fun with just the two of us.  We got really lucky because it was warm and beautiful the whole time we were there.  We had a wonderful time exploring the city.  We loved riding our bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge.  We ate tons of delicious food.  We saw a hilarious musical review called Beach Blanket Babylon.  We walked around the city a lot.  Too bad we couldn't have stayed longer.  We LOVED our time there together.