Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exactly one year ago we went on our dream honeymoon

Malaysia- We stayed in a long house with a tribe in the jungle.  The kids loved Erik.

This was an eleven mile hike through the jungle.  I thought this bridge was so neat,  it's called a monkey bridge.  

This was where I got scuba certified on a tiny island called Subuan in Malaysia.  The people here were Philippino sea gypsies and they lived in huts or on stilts in the water. I loved how the sky faded into the ocean. 

Vietnam-  It was BEAUTIFUL there!!!

Vietnam-  INSANE amounts of motorcycles!!!!!

Amazing and beautiful Angkor Wat in Cambodia

Bangkok, Thailand- We loved how the zoos had no rules.  You could pretty much touch and feed all the animals and many of them weren't even in cages.  I loved this baby elephant!!!!

Holy Monks!!!  We woke up at 4:30 in the morning to see this.  We were so lucky to be apart of this because supposedly it only happens once a year.  Everyone in the city of Chiang Mai would respectfully fill the Monks bowls with food as they quietly passed by.  

Cambodia- Erik shooting "the Rambo gun"  It was really funny because they kept calling it the Rambo gun, but I shoot a few bullets myself and then I got scared and told Erik to shot the rest of mine.  Erik also threw a hand grenade which really freaked me out.  I can't believe the things you're allowed to do in other countries.  Wow!!!

 Cambodia in the middle of nowhere- This cute little boy kept bringing me things from his boat.  First he went to his boat brought me a snake and put it around my neck and then he went to fetch me a rabbit to hold.  I was scared the snake was going to try to eat the little bunny.  I fell in love with the extremely happy little boy that was just floating in the water in a bowl and missing an arm.  I loved how happy and kind everyone was with what little they had.