Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday's Baby Blessing

My friend Fiona and her baby Lua 

Ramona Boys and their lovely wives of course were there :)

Grandma Shelly


Pretty Chelsea

Erik gave a beautiful blessing and we had so many wonderful family and friends that came to support us on this special day.  Thanks so much!  We love you!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ocean Beach with Aunt Chelsea and Grandma

Nothing is better than getting kissed by Ruby
Ruby LOVES her Aunt Chelsea 
Ocean Beach Pier with Grandma and Aunt Chelsea

Beautiful Sunset Cliffs 

Ruby being one with nature
 Chelsea and Erik's engagement photo

Sunday Sophia at 3 months

 I'm just a little bit overly obsessed with this sweet face.  She melts my heart!

My sweet little girls 
 Sunday Sophia 
Aunt Chels and Sunday cuddling 

Thanks so much Shelly for always taking such beautiful pictures.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This girl cracks me up!

This little one has so many different faces.  She's so animated! 

Ruby, you are such a funny girl.  

Monday, February 14, 2011

Family road trip

Sweet, Sweet Grandma Shelly meeting Sunday for the first time

Thanks Shelly again for taking such darling photos of our little girls.

Daddy and Sunday cuddling

Ruby fast asleep in the car on the way to Grandma's.  Look at that little puffer fish.  Ha ha!  So cute!  The girls were surprisingly SOOO good on the long drive!

Ruby excited to go outside in the freezing cold to play with fireworks

Happy New Year 2011!!! Fireworks with Daddy and Grandma

Ruby loved waking up to Grandma and climbing in bed with her to read stories and cuddle

Sunday as cozy and cute as can be thanks to Annie :)

I stole this picture from Chelsea's Blog.  Thanks Chels :)

We had such a wonderful time visiting Shelly and Rick in New Mexico.  We also got to stay with Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Ben and visit with Grandpa Dick and Grandma Patty in Arizona.  Thanks for letting us stay with you guys and for showing us such a great time.  We love all of you guys so much!  Sorry this post took so long!

Sunday- 1 Month Old

Catching up on the last little while... Christmas photos

Our computer hard drive crashed so I got really frustrated with computers and gave up on blogging for a a couple months.  I was pretty bitter that SO many of our photos were lost.  Luckily because of blogging and facebook some of our photos were saved.  I've decided it's time to catch up on all the fun things we've been doing over the past couple months.  

This was my most favorite Christmas yet.  Ruby made it so fun because she was so excited for Santa to come.  She really enjoyed picking out our Christmas tree and decorating it as well.  She also LOVED wrapping presents.  This year it felt a lot more special to me because of Ruby and Sunday.  
We love our little girls.    

 Picking out our tree

Ruby decorating the tree with sunglasses and a lai on.  ha ha ha

Santa Clause came!!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011