Thursday, June 3, 2010

Caribbean- St. Martin and New York Vacation Pics

We just got back from the best vacation ever! We met up with Andrew and Emily York in St. Martin and shared a hotel room with them that they got through their time share. It was so much fun!!! We never stopped playing and having fun. We rented scooters and went all around the whole island and stopped at all of the beautiful beaches to go swimming. We went snorkeling and saw tons of beautiful fish and sea creatures. We jumped off the dock into the ocean, collected sea glass, we ate creole food and tons of delicious food (especially ice-cream), went shopping, went to the movies, played super fun games all night long, snuck onto a big boat that was a kids playground on water that had water slides, swings, and ropes that we could play on, and we spent a day on Maho beach where it felt like you could almost touch the airplanes as they came to land at the airport right on the beach.

Maho beach. In the whole world this is the closest you can get to airplanes taking off and landing near the beach. Crazy! Andrew and Erik purposely got jet blasted by the jet stream. They were standing on the beach with their snorkel masks on while the burning hot jet stream and sand pelted and blew them all over. It was hilarious!!! Too bad we didn't capture it on video.

4 Months Pregnant

We spent five days in the Caribbean with the York's and then just the two of us went to New York for two nights and one full day. We packed a ton of activities into the one day we had there. We stayed at the Dream hotel right in Time Square. We rode bikes in Central Park which was BEAUTIFUL and by far my favorite thing I did in New York. We went to Serendipidy for lunch and frozen hot chocolate, Dylan's Candy Bar, shopping of course, my first subway ride ever, visited Ground Zero, went on a ferry and saw The Statue of Liberty and all the famous bridges, China town, and Little Italy for Dinner. I couldn't walk another step after the day was over. We really enjoyed ourselves.

Erik and I were so happy that we got to go on a vacation before our new little baby arrives this November. Thanks Shelly and Mom and Heath for watching Ruby for us so we could have the best time ever. We love you guys!