Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ruby's 1st Birthday!!!

Sorry for the over load of pictures. I'm just trying to get caught up and write down all of these things about Ruby before they pass by and I forget. I always want to remember my baby girl's sweet personality.

Things that Ruby can say now that she is 1...
Duck (one of her first words)
Money (yells it out in church and then laughs really loud)
Daddy (all of the time)
NO (while she shakes her pointed finger-she learned this from, No More Monkeys Jumping on the bed)

What she can do and likes to do now that she is 1, she....
loves to read books
loves to open my phone and pretend to call people
climbs on anything and everything
claps her hands
thinks it's really amazing that she knows how to take off her bib
loves to take all my shoes off the shoe rack
has no fear of strangers
is obsessed with string cheese
waves hi and bye-bye
barks like a doggie
can walk across the room but still crawls a lot
dances a little
pretends to read to her baby doll and kiss and hug it
blows a kiss
makes a kiss sound
loves music
is attached to her blankey.... especially the corner that has the knot on it
does some of the hand motions for the Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Popcorn Popping

Ruby is just starting to get her 1st teeth. I was wondering if she was going to get her them. She just turned 1 and now she is walking across the room and getting two teeth!!! I can't believe how fast the time is going baby is growing up.

What does a doggie say????

Here's another video I've been wanting to put up for a while.

Waking Ruby up to say Happy Birthday!

Erik goes all out in his awesome Birthday Man outfit for Ruby's 1st birthday! Sorry the video is so dark.

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Baby Bumble Bee

Here we are in the process of putting together her costume the night of Halloween. And yes, those socks are her Grandpa's church socks...ha ha ha! I love how short her little legs look in this picture.

My little bumble bee

Ruby got to go trick-or-treating with her cousins- Finn the brave knight and Milla the pretty ballerina.

Halloween was so much fun with a little munchkin around this year. It made it so cute and exciting to see her take everything in while we were out trick-or-treating. Ruby enjoyed her 1st Halloween. Erik really wanted her to taste tons of candy so I caved in and Ruby got to eat her first lollypop. She LOVED it!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fall Fun

Point Loma tide pools

Ruby meets a crab for the first time

My 2 favorite people

Pumpkin Patch


Ruby's 1st pumpkin.

Point Loma lighthouse lookout, Cabrillo Monument

Another BEAUTIFUL DAY in San Diego!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ruby talks!

I'm just so excited about my little "talker." She's so much fun! This video is almost a month old, when she had just turned 10 months old. I love her little voice!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ruby's 10 Month Old Pics

Ruby LOVES her soft blanket. She has this one blankey that has a knot on one of the corners. Every time she goes to bed she has to hold that corner up to her face with her tiny little hand while sucking her thumb to lull herself to sleep. Ruby I love you and all the cute little things you do!

Ruby turned 10 months old on September 27th. I can't believe how fast it's going by. Thank you Shelly so so much for taking these pictures of my sweet little girl. I love all of them!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2 Year Anniversary

Erik and I just recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

I'm so glad I married you babe.
I love you so much!
I'm so happy to be your wife!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hiking Club

So...We got really into climbing tall green mountains last week.  Yep, we climbed 3 in one week.  On Tuesday we climbed Crouching Lion with JJ and Erika Peterson and Jesse Price.  Awesome hike...glad the children survived.

Father and Ruby on Friendship mountain looking for candy.

Young mothers resting in the bushes

The Lone wolf

True Love

The Champion


.....And on Thursday we went with Jesse to Sacred Falls

On the trail there were these bright pink plants that shed their bright pink confetti on the forest floor.  Ruby danced in it and said that when she turns 15 and becomes a punk rocker, she is going to dye her hair that color.  I told her no.

Its hard to capture it with the limited lens of a camera, but the walls of the canyon coming up to the waterfall were hundreds of feet high, strait up, and as narrow as the gooses neck.

Mother loves child

Ruby's first Turkey

....And on Saturday we hiked to the Makapuu Lighthouse with the Bennetts and the Nortons 

Raleigh is the man

Super fun.  We love our hiking partners.  Afterward we went and ate a very special hotdog.  It was called a 'puka dog'.