Friday, June 3, 2011

Mission Beach with the York's

The York's got to stay at a beach house in Mission Beach last week and they invited us to join them.  We were right on the beach!  We played at the beach all day.  We played paddle ball.  Ruby and daddy caught tons of GIANT sand-crabs.  We also went on the rides at Belmont Park.  And the next day we rented bikes and took the girls for a long bike ride.  Kind of embarrassing that we don't have any pictures with the York's.  Thanks Andrew and Emily!  We had such a great time with you guys and your sweet little Carter!!! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sunday Six Months Old

Kassey King comes to town!

 Ruby skinned her little knee at Sea World hence the pouty lips

One of my best friends from High school, Kassey, and her family, visited San Diego to camp at the beach.  We met up with them at Sea World, played at the beach, and had a great time!!!!  

San Diego Children's Museum with Nanny and Sister Time

Ruby asks me everyday to put Sunday and all of her stuffed animals in her crib with her and then tells me to go away so they can play alone.  She loves her little sister!  It's the sweetest thing.

Easter Morning

Grandma made these ADORABLE bunnies for the girls.  So cute!!!!

Easter was so fun this year because Ruby was so excited for the Easter bunny to come.  She started shaking with excitement when we told her who came to our house and left hidden treasures.  She LOVED the egg hunt!  This was Ruby's first experience being exposed to an endless supply of candy.  I told her dad it was time to stop giving her candy and he said, "But it's Easter."  That night she threw up for the first time in her little life from candy overload.  Poor thing.  

Bowling with Daddy