Saturday, May 22, 2010

What the heck????

I just noticed that on our blog heading it says,
"Bionical Billy and Gus don't cuss."
I asked Erik about it and he said he put it up there a month ago. He said that he changes it every once and a while to say strange things to see if anyone will ever notice but no one ever has or they were too confused to right anything about it.
That boy??????
I asked him what it meant and he said, "No comment."
What do you think it means ???


shelly said...

Hahahahaha! Oh, my gosh. I love Erik so much. And yes, I will admit to being his mom. And Kindsay, of COURSE it means....NOTHING! (And I can't believe I never noticed it! Can't wait to see the next one, Erik.)

stef j. said...

hahahaaaha!! i saw that right off the bat and read it over and over and over trying to make it make sense... it never did and i figured it was inside joke.

that's awesome!

Jana Neser said...

I think it means that Erik is hilarious and that he'll never change :)