Monday, November 14, 2011

Look Who Turned 1!!!!

Sunday turned one on November 7th.  We celebrated her special day with just our little family.  Sunday is a lot like her daddy.  She LOVES meat!  So we took her to a BBQ place for her birthday.  We also took her and Ruby to Sea World where we had tons of fun and got to meet Elmo and Zoe!  I tried giving her ice-cream on her special day and she was not interested!  Didn't even want to touch it.  Funny girl.  

Sunday makes our little family so much more complete.  She is the most content baby.  She always wants to hug and kiss her family.  Ruby and Sunday love to play together.  Ruby loves to play mommy to Sunday by pushing Sunday around in the stroller and Sunday thinks it's the greatest idea.  She still isn't walking yet but takes a few steps on her own.  She loves to walk around the house while pushing her baby doll in a stroller.  Her favorite thing to do is take everything out of my purse in search for bubble gum.  She just got her 1st tooth on her birthday.  And now has two.  Sunday is extremely sweet!  She is so cuddly and perfect.  I adore her and love everything about her.  

  Happy Birthday sweet little Sunday!  Your family loves you so so much!  We're so lucky to have you in our lives.      


Megan said...

I CANNOT believe she's one! And her hair looks so light! Love you guys!

Shelly said...

Oh, Sweet Sunday Sophia!!! She's looking so much older, and her hair is so LONG! She's ADORABLE! Happy, Happy Birthday, Sunday. We love you SO much. Thanks for posting this, Kindsay! You all look awesome.

Chelsea and Ben said...

wow! i cant believe how big she is!!! I am so glad that jacket fits her now!!! she loves BBQ????!!!! hahahahhaha! I love her! She needs to come have some real Texas BBQ, she would LOVE it!

Kassey said...

Her hair got sooo light!! It hurts me how cute your kids are. Maybe our next trip should be a family vaca so our kids can all play. oh man i miss you!