Sunday, May 20, 2012


My good friend Kassey and her family came to visit and were staying at Disneyland.  They invited us to join them.  Too bad Erik had finals so he couldn't come.  We left little Sunny with my mom so Ruby and I could make it a special day with just the two of us.  I can't remember the last time we had gone somewhere with just the two of us.  I LOVED spending the day with Ruby!  She was so brave and excited about everything.  Experiencing Disneyland through Ruby's eyes was magical.  And, it was really cute to see Ruby hit it off with Bay and Winnie.  Kassey and I were so happy that they decided to follow in our footsteps and be friends just like us.  


Shelly said...

Oh, Ruby's face is SO expressive! I felt like I was there with her! Thanks for sharing these amazing pictures, Kindsy! LOVE them.

Erin said...

Aw, how fun!!! What a great thing to do with Ruby!

Natalie. said...

Ruby on the teacups! I'm dying! Tell her that her Aunt Natalie peed her pants on that ride. . . when she was on a high school trip. . . her SENIOR YEAR (yes, 17 years old). Oh the shame.