Saturday, December 5, 2009

Waking Ruby up to say Happy Birthday!

Erik goes all out in his awesome Birthday Man outfit for Ruby's 1st birthday! Sorry the video is so dark.


shelly said...

Oh my gosh....Ruby is going to grow up unafraid of ANYTHING that comes her way! Hahahaha! Love this.

Chelsea said...

ruby is soooo pretty!

linds, Seth and Rae said...

Is it just me or was she a little freaked out by her dada? ha ha. Im so glad you got to get another use out of that crazy outfi!. And Im kind of imressed that it made it through a move over seas and everything!

Miss you guys!

Natalie. said...

I LOVE 2 things about this.

1. Ruby's face that says, "what the freaking heck is my daddy wearing?"

2. Ruby's awesome pjs.