Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Erik's 28th Birthday

This is Tracy and I deciding that our balloon was the prettiest by far.
Getting ready to take off...
Floating above the clouds
Sparkling Cider.
The Birthday boy.

And a safe landing.

Erik's birthday was on the 14th this month. We had such a fun day together. We started the morning off at Broken Yoke Cafe with Ruby. Then we BBQ'd and played in the pool at my parents' house. We even had a pinata for the little ones. After our fun afternoon we went for a Hot Air Balloon ride at sunset with Micah and Tracy and had such a wonderful time!!!! And sweet Shelly and Rick came over to celebrate Erik's birthday by making delicious enchiladas and bringing a yummy ice cream cake.

I hope you had a happy birthday. I love you so much!!!! Ruby and I are the luckiest girls to have you in our lives. Thanks for being so fun and easy to love!

Your Wife, Ruby and the little girl in my belly


shelly said...

Happy Birthday, Erik! I was hoping you'd put these pictures on here, Kindsay. You're officially the best wife in the world....Erik's wanted to go on a hot air balloon his whole life! What an amazing surprise!

Tracy and Micah said...

We had so much fun with you guys, thanks for inviting us!

Chelsea said...

What!!!! A hot air balloon! Im jealous! Looks soooo fun!

The Price Family said...

That sounds like that was amazing!!! You are awesome Kindsay. I am glad we got to see you guys when we were there for 2.5 seconds. Hope to spend longer next time :)

Love you

Megan said...

Those pictures are awesome! Fun seeing you guys! Let's hang out soon! Love you!

Er Bear said...

Those pictures are awesome... how fun!! Happy birthday:)

Scott said...

Hi Erik! Uncle Scott here. It looks like you had a great birthday. That is so awesome! I have taken a hot air balloon ride before myself. It’s a cool experience; isn’t it? It was great seeing you and your sweet daughter at Chelsea’s reception. Hope to see you and everyone again soon. Take care.

Kassey said...

Happy Birthday Erik, and Kindsay, you are so freakin fine it blows my mind!

brandon frandsen said...

It appears this is coming really late but I still wanted to wish you a happy birthday and hope life is good as it looks on your blog.

Natalie. said...

Lincoln saw these and said:

"awwwwww! NOT FAIR!!!!!"