Sunday, November 14, 2010

Recycling with Ruby K

Wednesday night at about 1:00 a.m. I heard /felt some sweet-techno-bass-lines rumbling through the floors of our apartment building. I was about to get dressed to head down stairs to get my groove on, but then I felt tired, grumpy, and old -- so, I called the San Diego Police Department instead.

About 30 minutes later the cops came and the music and the screams abruptly ended. As the party-kids dispersed, walking and mincing as they went, two young sorority sisters tossed a couple of their tinkling ornaments on the hood of my 2002 mazda millenia.

The next morning I found the the gifts and brought them upstairs to show Ruby. We soaked them for 12 hours in a mixture of bleach and soap to burn off some Phi Gamma Delta Gonorrhea. Ruby told me to turn on our favorite song. And then we danced.

Because Kindsay is spends so much of her time being Sunday's Milk Machine, Ruby and I have been having some good friendship time. Here's some photos of us on our balcony hammock:



Shelly said...

Oh, my goodness. Would you please post something on this blog every day, Erik? I love yours, too, Kinds, but I don't think you'll feel bad if I tell you that I sometimes laugh until I cry when I read these! I guess it could be because he's my son, but I don't think so... Thanks for the laughter, son of mine! Oh -- and RUBY! I think you are two peas in a pod.

And has anyone else even heard of a Mazda Millennia?

Erik said...

Mazda discontinued the Millenia after 2002. I have the newest model.

lindsey said...

Kindsey congrats on your beautiful baby Sunday! What a perfect little doll. Love all her hair! Did Ruby have that much hair?

I hope you are doing well and adjusting to two ok.

She's adorable!!

Natalie. said...

Erik, I think you should drop out of lawyer school and become a professional blogger.

You are hilarious.

And Ruby is adorable.