Friday, January 20, 2012

Fun Day with the Carr Family


Just recently we got to spend the day with the Carr Family.  They invited us to go to the railroad museum at Balboa Park.  The kids LOVED it!  The adults loved it too except for the part when poor Annie got a big bump on the head and Sunday ran away and was lost for a minute.  Super scary!!!  We ended the day with some amazing sweets at Extraordinary Desserts......sooooo delicious!  Such a great day with such a great family.        


Kassey said...

I can't believe how light Sunday's hair has gotten. I hope you kept a lock of it when it was black!

Erin said...

Kindsay! Aw, what a fun blog post!! You got some great pictures! I need to put mine up. That was such a fun day!! We think you guys are a GREAT family as well and love hangin out with yall! ;)

Shelly said...

I love these pictures more than you can IMAGINE!!!