Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Devin's Boat - Kaneohe Bay - Sand Bar

My friend Devin took me, Itchy, my dad, and Jase out in Kaneohe Bay a couple weeks ago.  We pole fished, spear fished, did some wild cookie spins, and hung out on the sand bar in the middle of the bay.  Saw a shark, a giant mana ray, a few turtles, and jase killed a big fat eel. Here's some photo's of the trip (These first pictures look kinda weird cause they were taken with Richie's phone: 

The Norton Boys fishing at the sand bar

e and d


On Wednesday Devin, Richie, Jesse, and I made an early morning trip out there again:



jdprice said...

Who's cob?

shelly said...

These are some AMAZING pictures, Erik! Oh - I can't wait to show them to Dad! That was SOO fun for him. That picture that is taken from a distance that looks silver/black & white is definitely incredible!