Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hiking Club

So...We got really into climbing tall green mountains last week.  Yep, we climbed 3 in one week.  On Tuesday we climbed Crouching Lion with JJ and Erika Peterson and Jesse Price.  Awesome hike...glad the children survived.

Father and Ruby on Friendship mountain looking for candy.

Young mothers resting in the bushes

The Lone wolf

True Love

The Champion


.....And on Thursday we went with Jesse to Sacred Falls

On the trail there were these bright pink plants that shed their bright pink confetti on the forest floor.  Ruby danced in it and said that when she turns 15 and becomes a punk rocker, she is going to dye her hair that color.  I told her no.

Its hard to capture it with the limited lens of a camera, but the walls of the canyon coming up to the waterfall were hundreds of feet high, strait up, and as narrow as the gooses neck.

Mother loves child

Ruby's first Turkey

....And on Saturday we hiked to the Makapuu Lighthouse with the Bennetts and the Nortons 

Raleigh is the man

Super fun.  We love our hiking partners.  Afterward we went and ate a very special hotdog.  It was called a 'puka dog'.



shelly said...

I am SOOOOOO excited about your frequent blog updates, you guys!!! I can't even TELL you! These pictures.....well, they're absolutely amazing. I want to enlarge them and frame them all.

Alyson said...

looks like there's a new blog contributor. the last few were def not kinz but thoroughly enjoyed.

Aaron & Lindsay Bobik said...

The last time Aaron and I did Sacred Falls hike we got caught and were fined $100 bucks each... lame. Glad you guys made it!

shelly said...

I love your narration, Erik. Especially the bright pink confetti part. And Ruby dancing in it. You're poetic, My Son.

brandon frandsen said...

I miss Hawaii. THis summer has been nothing but fun though MCAT and working 110 hours this week, I mean how could I complain right? I look at all those fun places and wish I was there. Congrats on Law School and thanks for bailing me out with the elders quorum. Keep in touch

I'm Natalie. said...

what happened, did you stop having blogable adventures once you moved back to the mother ship?? Update your blog so we can see Ruby!!!