Monday, February 15, 2010

I had a great birthday!!!

One of the Presents Erik got me for my birthday was a Pinata. And I LOVE Pinatas!!!! Ruby and I had a great time! And, just in case your wondering......I told Erik I didn't want him to take any pictures of me because I'm super camera shy in the morning. So he said, "Then put a bag over your head." Ruby wanted to do it too, Ha!


katie said...

That photo of you and Ruby with bags on your heads is adorable. Happy birthday! We are hanging out soon. If I have to come down there and kidnap you, I will.

*Melinda* said...

You are to funny! I love you!

shelly said...

Hahahaha! You girls are so funny!

Natalie. said...

OH MY GOSH. I saw that photo and I thought to myself, oh Kindsay wasn't wearing makeup but Erik insisted on pictures. HA! I was right!!!

I love you little birthday girl.

I feel so blessed to have such PERFECT sisters in law!!!!


Oh, remember when Taylor and I tied you up and made you hit a pinata?? I'm really sorry about that. That must have totally sucked.