Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SHE'S 26!!!

Happy Birthday Kindsay!
Ruby and I are so lucky to have you as our best friend.
We love you so much. You make our lives so fun and happy.
Thanks for being you!

Momma, I got ya a balloon 'cause you're so darn nice and pretty.
Love, Ruby


Chelsea said...

yeah!!!! Pictures! I love you and Happy Birthday!!!!

Alysha said...

Happy Birthday love! You look so beautiful!

Ashley Nichole Frandsen said...
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Ashley Nichole Frandsen said...

This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Happy Birthday Kindsay!!

Natalie. said...

we love you kiz zizzle.

shelly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Kindsay! I hope it was a wonderful day. Miss you, love you. I'm so grateful you were born!

Kassey said...

I have such a pretty friend!! makes me feel like i'm a little cooler cause she's so pretty!